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Caren Cantrell

Hi, I’m Caren. I write stories about characters who are a little different and don’t quite fit in with everyone else. They might have a flipper that’s too short or whiskers that curl. Or they might just be vertically challenged like me. I love describing the adventures of an underdog who rises to the challenge.

Most often I write picture books. Writing for kids is something I’ve toyed with since I was little. I have six lovely grandchildren, and two on the way, who helped get me started. I’m writing books for each of them with a character who shares their name. Lately, I’ve been dipping my toes into middle grade – and now I’m writing a science fantasy adventure called The Sun Thief.

I also have a non-fiction series of books on Kindle that are part of the Planet Discovery Books for Kids series. I write these under the pen name Matthew Taylor. They are books filled with fun facts and photos about the creatures in the world around us.

Writing for children is awesome, but reading to them is even better. My three favorite words are:
Read It Again!

You might be surprised at the list of the deadliest creatures, I know I was. The pop-up feature with additional information is a nice touch and I thought the photos were great!

H Kelso

So informative and great for kids! This book covers topics that are of special interest to kids, like "rabbits as pets" and
"rabbit jumping competitions." Parents will learn something too!

Karla B. Dulic

Lions and Cheetahs and Bears, oh my! The author of this fascinating, fact filled book not only describes good and bad animal mom behaviors but also explains why animals act the way that they do. Both children and adults will fully enjoy reading about the Octopus mom's unusual devotion, the Cheetah mom's fun teaching methods and the Dracula Ant mom's bloodthirsty habits. I fully recommend this book for I found it to be a delightful teaching tool.

Alice Fulgione

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