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Childhood literacy is a passion of mine and I’m so happy to be able to contribute to that passion through my own writing. Ages 0 to 5 are critical years in developing a child’s love for reading. These are the years when they are discovering the magic of words, learning how to exist in the world around them, and forming relationships. Picture books help a child navigate through the seas of information and feelings being tossed at him or her daily.

Review by Readers

I received a pre-publication copy of Leo Learns to Swim from the author. I loved it! The illustrations are adorable and will engage readers as they identify with Leo and Starfish, two characters who encourage developing little ones to embrace determination, self-acceptance, and grit. I will definitely use this book when working as a professional school counselor, as well as, with my own children and friends. Leo Learns to Swim is a fun book that will entertain, and offer the opportunity for conversations about dealing with challenges.

Jamie Frank Oconnell

My daughter loves all Caren Cantrell books...she especially loved this one since her best friend's name is Violet! She loves connecting with the books and loves everything to do with Fairies! Thank you

Kristen Raymond

I ordered two for my great nephews and was delighted in the story. Not only were the illustrations very cute but the story itself takes us on a wonderful adventure. Who would have thought that socks had so much character? I loved that the story had some excitement and even a moment where you worry about what will happen to Annie but (spoiler alert) it all turns out happily.

I definitely recommend this for young children who will keep this on their bookshelves to be read over and over.

L A Keller

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