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Review by Readers

You might be surprised at the list of the deadliest creatures, I know I was. The pop-up feature with additional information is a nice touch and I thought the photos were great!

H Kelso

So informative and great for kids! This book covers topics that are of special interest to kids, like "rabbits as pets" and
"rabbit jumping competitions." Parents will learn something too!

Karla B. Dulic

Lions and Cheetahs and Bears, oh my! The author of this fascinating, fact filled book not only describes good and bad animal mom behaviors but also explains why animals act the way that they do. Both children and adults will fully enjoy reading about the Octopus mom's unusual devotion, the Cheetah mom's fun teaching methods and the Dracula Ant mom's bloodthirsty habits. I fully recommend this book for I found it to be a delightful teaching tool.

Alice Fulgione

Interesting and entertaining! This is a great book for kids and adults alike. A delightful read with loads of information about leprechauns, their habits, their history and their charm. I realize now that the stories my grandparents told about these little people were probably true.

Desert Rambler

I'm not scared of snakes, but I'm not completely comfortable with them either. Nevertheless, every year I accompany my reptile-loving wife to the local Repticon show to make sure she doesn't bankrupt us by buying several expensive snakes.

In any case, Matthew Taylor's short book is a much less expensive introduction to the fascinating world of snakes. The book includes a representative sample of snakes from the tiny brahiminy blind snake to the giant anaconda. Some snakes give live birth, although most species lay eggs. There's a description of snake biology, what snakes eat, and how they digest their meals. Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica, where it's too cold for them to survive. In colder areas where snakes do live, they survive winters by "brumating," a process analogous to hibernating. The book concludes with some interesting miscellaneous facts about snakes.

I think both youngsters and their parents will enjoy this introduction to snakes. It's a basic primer intended give a brief overview of snakes without getting very technical or going into too much detail. The color photographs are very helpful, and some of them are really cool, like the one of a heron eating a green snake.


Excellent book on Reindeer! I know I love them and always think of them especially during the holiday season. My grandson just loved this book and enjoyed all of the interesting facts about their habitat. The photos were exceptional. This is a book everyone can enjoy!

Reno's Mom